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Take Guitar Lessons With Ben Cohen

Learn with the most in-demand guitar teacher in Los Angeles!

Your guitar lessons are all about you! Although Ben specializes in taking rock and metal players to the next level, he enjoys teaching a wide range of other styles as well.


Ben's lesson plans are customized for each student, based on their level, goals, and stylistic preferences.  Below, you can see some examples of what we can work on, depending on your playing level.

Lesson Info

Any Age, Any Ability Level, Ben Wants You To Rock!


  If you are a beginner, we will study the basics, open chords, strumming, rhythm, reading tabs, and if you are interested, reading music.  Right off the bat, you'll learn fun songs that you get to pick yourself!  If you are interested in playing rock and metal, we move on to power chords and barre chords, pentatonic scale soloing, and studying the bands and guitar players you love. If you love acoustic and folk styles, I have an extensive library of finger picking pieces we can learn.  



     If you are an intermediate player, you can expect to expand your knowledge of the fretboard, learn modes, arpeggios, music theory, and a more in-depth study of different techniques including: alternate picking, legato, tapping, sweep picking and hybrid picking. You'll learn how to put it all together to play things you never thought you could, express your ideas, and take your creativity to the next level! 


     If you are already an advanced player, then most likely you have very specific goals and areas you would like to improve upon. We can create specific exercises and plans to help you take your playing in new directions. Whether it's music theory, songwriting, recording and production, arranging, specific techniques, or just having someone to organize and guide your practice and goals, I can get your there! If you are a high school student preparing for a college or scholarship audition, sometimes extra classes and attention can make a huge difference. 




"Easily the best music instructor I have ever met. Ben has been teaching my son for 6 months, the energy and professionalism Ben brings makes practice something we look forward to in our house. 

My son has been playing guitar and bass for 4 years and we have gone through the local ring of instrument shop teachers and Craigslist teachers. All of which were great while he was progressing, but over time he has outgrown what they have to offer. Ben has shaped my sons lessons around the music he enjoys, the music theory driving that music, and has guided him into being a more intelligent and musically aware guitar player. 

We use Skype to connect with Ben remotely each week, making lesson time easy to get going. Ben has always been flexible with our schedule and understanding of competing home schedules. It has been amazing to watch my son’s ability grow week over week with Ben’s guidance. If you are looking for a professional, engaged, and all around great person for an instructor, send him a message."

Chris Salyers
Brighton, MI


"I've been taking lessons with Ben for several months, and he's helped me with every aspect of my playing - general technique, music theory, improvisation, etc. He's always happy to spend extra time answering any questions you may have, and he never ends a lesson until a topic is complete. Ben is both a great guitarist and teacher, and I definitely recommend him for anyone trying to advance their skills as a guitarist and/or a musician."

Josh Gaspard


"Ben is incredibly knowledgeable and makes the lessons digestible for beginners. He is also very patient giving his students opportunity to learn at their own pace. The assignments were very helpful with my development of the fundamentals.

I fully recommend his guitar lessons for players of all skill levels!"

Pawel D.



Los Angeles, CA, USA

(781) 248-1287

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